Ghislaine Guerin

UX Consultant | User and Design Researcher

Leveraging the Potential of Co-Creation and Research Through Prototypes and Experiments

Having a process that can expand the potentiality of ideas and create instrumental data for better decisions is crucial for success at any stage. I collaborate with my clients to support their innovative thinking by using prototypes and experiment-based methods.

About Me

A designer & researcher. I have over 12 years of experience and a solid foundation in technology and human-computer interaction. I have worked with SaaS and healthcare companies to grow their products and services by shaping and implementing design processes and strategies.

I promote active participation in the design process by employing prototypes, experiments, and cross-functional knowledge that inspires and engages people in co-creating innovative solutions.

I believe in supporting individuals and teams to positively impact their work by providing an open, collaborative environment where ideas, insights, and creative solutions can flourish.

My processes are by nature participatory and focused on engaging those who use the product above all else. I do this by designing experiences that resonate with their motivations, needs, and the factors that shape their actions.

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